Starting a Fire

starting a fire

dry claning 2

I’ll try to start again. Maybe fewer words this time, they never were my strong suit.


No Depression


No Depression in Heaven by the Carter Family

For fear the hearts of men are failing,
For these are latter days we know
The Great Depression now is spreading,
God’s word declared it would be so

I’m going where there’s no depression,
To the lovely land that’s free from care
I’ll leave this world of toil and trouble,
My home’s in Heaven, I’m going there

In that bright land, there’ll be no hunger,
No orphan children crying for bread,
No weeping widows, toil or struggle,
No shrouds, no coffins, and no death

This dark hour of midnight nearing
And tribulation time will come
The storms will hurl in midnight fear
And sweep lost millions to their doom

New Pictures From the Distant Past

jeremiah burbank for the NRA

It was his birthday and my sister Rosie took us to the Gun Club in downtown Los Angeles

Fish for Sale

Fish for Sale

Vito GesualdiOn his never ending quest for a head shot Vito Gesualdi and I made some weird unflattering portraits

samule d quinn the crippleSamuel D Quinn

rosie and jairs buttsMy sister Rosie Pula and Jeremiah Burbank at the Hollywood Reservoir

All pictures taken in Los Angeles in 2011 with a Canon 5d

frank paulin ****UPDATED W/some context for those who are in the darkest room

frank paulin by Eddy Pula
frank paulin, a photo by Eddy Pula on Flickr.

his wife just called me, she can’t find this picture and apparently Frank wants to see it, this ones for you frank, you taught me so much, keep up the good work

Frank Paulin is a bit of a undiscovered genius, he didn’t publish till the early 90’s but his work stands up against the great street photogs of the era, but he made his living drafting dresses and then photographing them when that came into fashion, but he always had his Leica on him and got some killer shots new york in the 50’s-80’s

heres a book report on his masterpiece, Out of the Limelight… I picked it up at Grey Matter Books a couple years back, gave me hope when I needed it the most.

You know what he told me when I asked him for advice about photographing on the street? He told me to get a knife, and “Don’t pretend you are not an animal when you live in a jungle” pretty damn good advice for anyone actually!

Here’s a song I made partly inspired by him and his tenacity in the face of 50 or more years of work on the street, hopefully I can make it that far

PS thats a bit of a cover/folkmashup of one of my favorite songs about art making of all time by the great and obscure Andy Friedman

PS I’m lecturing at AS220 in Providence Rhode Island tonight 8-7-2012 at 7:30 I would be honored to meet you, thanks all
Eddy Pula

thats right in 2 days I’m lecturing


learn how to photo mothers and sons on revolutionary war sites in Providence Rhode Island next tuesday… its me I’m doing a photography lecture, so briefly consider coming, here are the deets

Eddy Pula graduated with a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and has been making pictures and videos for the past 13 years. He focuses on portraits of strangers on the street, clubs, barns and shopping malls of America. Eddy states

“I think a camera is an excuse to be curious.”

We hope to see you August 7th @ 7:30pm!

We’re located on Lucie Way: the rear entrance of the Mercantile Building located at 131 Washington St.

Eddy’s continuous photographic coverage of Western Mass. can be found on his flickr here (, and daily musings on the world and photography here (


lemonster some time ago

lemonster some time ago by Eddy Pula
lemonster some time ago, a photo by Eddy Pula on Flickr.

waiting for a ride, my Homage to the work of my friend Jay Guerette, if you see him say hello, he might be walking dogs on beacon hill, Jay taught me not to work too hard and how to make amazing work without breaking the plastic… I owe him a beer


Tripod, we don’t need no stinking tripod, used a traffic barrel, shot on a nikon f3 set to T on kodak portra 160, didn’t meter just guessed and hoped for the best about 8 mississippi’s at f1.8, if you look hard you will find my self portrait as a man waiting for his best friend Jeremiah Burbank