how I look when I dance

Dudes watch out for some craziness coming your way, from a warehouse along the Connecticut straight to purgatory by way of acid trips and andy warhol


{(UPDATED) NOW WITH ADDITIONAL CONTEXT} How to Document an Intellectual Disaster


++++++ ATTENTION REGULAR READERS (I’m pretty sure most of you are irregular so don’t worry about it) The following is my pitch to get local papers interested in the story, I keep sending them my local pictures with pithy attempts at copy but it hasn’t worked yet and they regularly run stories on dogs getting cool on hot days, so I figured International Film Juggernaut Werner Hurzog would illicit something… nope. Where am I going wrong?

Hello I am Eddy Pula a Photographer, I showed up early to hear Werner Herzog famed documentary and narrative and docunarraitve (SIC) hybrid filmmaker show a new cut of his Into The Abyss, a short series on execution practices in the USA, at Amherst College. I was kicked out along with every other film making student in the area because too many paying alums wanted to come, so I snuck in the back door and walked up and took this picture of Hurzog while he answered some questions. Amherst college tried their best to make it happen, they ran a live feed to another hall but there was technical glitches and parts of the documentary and lecture were cut. So I got it done guerrilla style and helped sneak in like 10 other journalism students. There were a lot of angry intellectuals and you know what that means, lots of letters to the editors! Feel free to run this or just pass it along.

PS I made a quick artists book out of cvs prints and gaff tape and tried to stuff it in Herzogs sports jacket, turns out the man is a bit of a dandy and they were fake pockets… Who knew?


Also Filmmaker Jeremiah Burbank was attempting to document my documentation and apparently this is what it looked like to him, I’m a weird dude I can tell yah that

A token of Female Solidarity on silver gelatin

Wow, I dig it dudettes. Did any of you get a chance to see Avedons retro at the metro in like 2003? It was my first time in NYC, in a high school photo class, never forgot his Warhol Factory series, first time I ever saw a ‘chick with dick’ for instance. The bee man, those 3 panel oil workers, that’s a BLACK AND WHITE picture to change a mans soul. For (((((((((Irina Rozovsky))))))))) on the day of her birth I present this token of FEMALE SOLIDARITY!!!

PS can Irina get me into the ICP for FREE?

some times its good to just shut up an let a woman say her peice


Eddy picked me up today in his little red pickup, and we went on a photo adventure. The original plan was to go to some pond/lake in Conway, but we got a little sidetracked. We were driving along, listening to Leadbelly and other blues friends. We stopped at a bunch of places along the side of the road. First, we stopped to look at some really awesome old dirt bikes with military decals. Eddy took a few pictures, but I was too afraid to get out of the truck because they were right in someone’s driveway, and halfway through Eddy photographing them, the owner came out and did not look amused. Eddy asked her if he could take a picture of her in front of them, and she angrily, flat out refused. I wanted to disappear in that moment, but it’s good that I didn’t, because I would have missed…

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Even Friedlander gets dem blues sometimes

lead belly’s last sessions, if you like folk music, this could be your bible

what would he call em.

I got these bushes comin outa my ears
and my good woman got a big ole rear
I got the blues I got the hassy swc blues

I drive all around but I see the same things
trees and sky scrapers and paupers and kings
I got the blues I got the MOMA retrospective blues…

help me unnner stand why a maria put up with a shootin man,he don’t treat her nice always hittin that canI got them blues I got them self portait blues

I went to the gov ment to help me pay my tri-x ship, the gov ment sent me packing with a fellowship I got tem blues I got them blues I got those arboretum blues

Then you hit the steel string  REAL hard, bring the guitar hole close to the mike, let it ring and then walk out son. Lead Belly taught me that!

Now I’m just gonna sit on this note and wait for you all to join along
I got the blues I got the ______ blues

ps wordpress is one of the worst places to compose a folk song! Does any one know how I can get an mp3 on this thing so you guys get the tune? Its Mistreatin Mama from Lead Belly’s Last sessions… don’t really matter but it would be a different rhyming scheme if you guys are thinking of irene goodnight