frank paulin ****UPDATED W/some context for those who are in the darkest room

frank paulin by Eddy Pula
frank paulin, a photo by Eddy Pula on Flickr.

his wife just called me, she can’t find this picture and apparently Frank wants to see it, this ones for you frank, you taught me so much, keep up the good work

Frank Paulin is a bit of a undiscovered genius, he didn’t publish till the early 90’s but his work stands up against the great street photogs of the era, but he made his living drafting dresses and then photographing them when that came into fashion, but he always had his Leica on him and got some killer shots new york in the 50’s-80’s

heres a book report on his masterpiece, Out of the Limelight… I picked it up at Grey Matter Books a couple years back, gave me hope when I needed it the most.

You know what he told me when I asked him for advice about photographing on the street? He told me to get a knife, and “Don’t pretend you are not an animal when you live in a jungle” pretty damn good advice for anyone actually!

Here’s a song I made partly inspired by him and his tenacity in the face of 50 or more years of work on the street, hopefully I can make it that far

PS thats a bit of a cover/folkmashup of one of my favorite songs about art making of all time by the great and obscure Andy Friedman

PS I’m lecturing at AS220 in Providence Rhode Island tonight 8-7-2012 at 7:30 I would be honored to meet you, thanks all
Eddy Pula