no more karapture, coming soon the sunburned american

hey all, damn I’ve been working hard and feeling like it, but enuff, I’m gonna go private and just have some fun the old fashioned way with people who are really great, now I got money and I can celebrate, school is out again! Hey this is a year book of all my favorite people and the things they taught me, thanks for buying in, now I gotta go out that door! Don’t worry you can’t keep a good eddy down, just… its been a long strange trip karaping with you cats about all the old stuff, now I’m ready for some of the new!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray

anyways I’ll be back and forth alot, call me or write me letters no more facebook I think I broke it and found the new flesh last nite, creepy ; (

thoughts on panera bread after daniel shays highway updated enough karapturing for a bit!

hey they ain’t the black sheep but then again nothing is the black sheep, does anyone know the story of the upper crust? Its ritzy yuppy pizza for ex hippies and they abuse minorities, like south americans, don’t pay them steal their tips, fucking bad news bears spread the word, panera on the other hand gives everything away, sometimes you have to up the dosage to get the message across is what I’m saying, Tulsa-Larry-Clark

it strikes me that potatoes are just concrentrated sunlight, thats why you can do anything with them, even light them on fire

heres what we look like to you






you know the best things about ihops? there always where you need them and down south they call em waffle houses and they have weird music about breaking real fast on them,

call me

(413) 253-2831 if an older woman calls tell her is for Eddy, if the old man answers its Ed, and the younger lady, she’s gerty the goat girl, she’ll tell you the good news

how can we sing king arthurs song in a straaaaange land

real quick, I’ll head to the ballet and ask for you, its funny the owner of the ballet is such a cool dude, he tells me the gurls won’t let me take their pictures, it just because he is slowly reverting back to us, children looking for help in a weird economy, my grandpa was just like that too, big partier who always told the truth, he faught the nazi’s and never wore no vets caps, if you are looking to stick to more anon places the hot l warren in {REDACTED} (right across from the {BBC} brewing company) is a house of blue lights or juke joint if you’ve ever seen one, its a biker bar with a heart of gold ever time I go there they either kick me out laughing or try and give me drugs, so watch out but you chicas know how to say the right things, yesterday I said this to a rasta “How can we sing king arthurs song in a strange land” and he said what “and I said, King arthur I think his name was Salissi in your neck of the woods” then he smiled and invited me to smoke the worlds biggest joint with him, I said no not this week, I’m on strike for the freaks and working people, no new work till the old work sells, but I scab as a writer and a singer so I can support the photographer…. its so weird kid, in this day and age we gotta look out for each other… I had a good lady Brittonie Fletcher stay here for a week, she had her own room, and she slept in the back of my truck as I worked, it was fun, she backed me a pie for my birthday, and we didn’t have to screw cause I learned along time ago you don’t screw with red heads or people who just need a safe place, thanks alot for finding me, I’ll try and find you some help the only way I know how

oh yeah and I saw the man 3 times, once {REDACTED} paid him and gave me the time of my life, once he gave it away for free{harvard regatta some time back}, and my father taught me how to lissen to jamacians, oh when the pressure drops you gotta know what to do

their aim is true


their ame is true

being quiet and watching teachers do is how I learned, give em an apple they deserve it, for liz burbank, mr. minks, ms. brown (who taught me to call people dude, never chicks) and all the rest, and I know that its just a hat you have to wear sometimes to make some moola, don’t fret over it, cause we watch you closely cause you are like hero’s to us!

and because the internet sucks (I think Nick Nixon taught me that or was it nick nikon) I present to you this terrible version of a good song