this is how we are gonna do it! +++++UPDATED+W/SUCESS+++++


Ok so here is how we are gonna do it, you pick your print here  by leaving a comment on the bottom of the original blog post here, tell me your name and which picture you want by the red letter I put on every picture here, that will be your claim and it’ll be in public so there won’t be any funny business, then email me at with your address and I’ll calculate shipping It looks like lower 48 states will cost $6 and I’m sorry but International shipping will be $20. Then you paypal me and I’ll sign it and throw in your mystery prize and its out the door with the next UPS shipment! The prints are already made so all I need is new collectors! please post your order here! also known as if you do it at the bottom of this blog post I will try and copy and paste you into the original post just for book keeping reasons, but if you do it the way I ask I can promise you good things! Thanks SO MUCH, every letter or blog post I get makes me feel SO good, I can’t tell you how great it feels, its like I just graduated with a masters degree from the school of hard knocks and I just got a marriage proposal and a job offer!

BREAKING NEWS, dropping the first print in the mail right now, hooray and thanks Massiel and David, you guys should meet, well I guess you will in a way! Picture of back of the print I’m sending David!


8 thoughts on “this is how we are gonna do it! +++++UPDATED+W/SUCESS+++++

  1. email from a anon hard core german toureg
    yeah, I mean I have not seen very much of america during my six months here but it seems to a divided country somehow… watch fox news and you want to jump out of the window. but what you say sounds absolutely right, this country is built on immigrants but apparently that does not count anymore. look at the guys who try to cross the mexican border, they risk their life for the american dream (or maybe they just want to escape the horror you read about in the news), but they are just 200 years too late.

    hey and thanks for the tracking number, will send you some pictures of the packaging!

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