Prints Shipped and Stripped


So we have our first satisfied customer from the print sale David Writes

“The prints have arrived and they look just great! Thanks also for the additional prints. The packaging was perfect, I attached you some pictures. I am really happy about the prints, they will find a nice place on my walls.”

I was shipping off all the orders that were paid for today, now I realize why web-stores exist! Finding peoples paypal receipts and matching that with emails and blog comments was kind of a pain, but I got all orders in the mail except for the Big 24×30 inch monster, that goes out tomorrow.

If you placed a order by blog comment and haven’t paid yet, that is fine, but as of now we are officially out of print codename Fuxa featured here (the beautiful painter with the zebra hair) If you want to email me me at and confirm I would gladly get to that as soon as I can, thanks every one who paid and look forward to your prints sometime next week!

PS Its hot out, I’m going swimming, you should too


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