You Can’t Judge a Book By Looking at the Cover

Dude playing guitar through a AMP he built himself, learned how to at the Old VFW in turners falls, its pretty awesome, they are making out of work carpenters into Luthers and makers of the finest Massachusetts hand built wooden music machines

This is what it looks like outside, just dudes sipping beer in plastic chairs on the sidewalk, you see the VFW closed sometimes ago, and no one really knows whats going on inside anymore, but the sons and grandkids and neighborhood kids bike around and talk to the older guys guarding the door to the old bar.

Bo Diddley (One of my like top three personal idols) was a luther, made fiddles and such, then made his own kickass cherry red rectangle guitar (he donated it to the hard rock cafe…. the less said about that the better)

he used to play through a toliet on its side to get echo before he bough chuck berries personal recording studio, with all the Les Paul designed wizardry that they used to make #1 hit singles back in the day, did you know Bo Diddley only ever had one, and its like his worst novelty track, but it helped invent hip hop so its ok anyways I digress

One theory on why he called himself Bo Diddley, well back in the wilds of the south they used to run a single wire from the roof of the porch to the wooden floor and they would play bump bump… bump bump bump bump… which is basically exactly the bo diddley beat, and the whole porch would become an instruement.

They called the string a Bo Diddley.

Imagine how awesome it must of sounded back in like 1890, you got fiddles and banjo’s and a maybe a beat to shit tuba and the whole porch is rocking to the bo diddley beat.

Must of been awesome!