Brittonie Fletcher’s Memorial Day Bash

Oh man we had your bbq without you the other day and it was pretty good, but only like 1/10th the awesome it would have been if you had been there.

You taught us good Brittonie, thanks… I think I finally understand why you are the way you are and why you do the things you do. You know I had no idea why you always let me into your house and introduced me to all your awesome friends.

I remember one thing specifically, you telling some one in your house, “He’s like a younger harder Matt [REDACTED]” and I didn’t have no idea what that meant at the time.

Someday I’ll be able to thank you the way you deserve, I just haven’t figured out what that will be. Just don’t die and don’t get preggers over there in the edinburg and things will get better, they always do, sometimes every day feels like a defeat, but if you can talk with new and old friends at night, like we did in wait street…. well thats just awesome

Thanks Brittonie

This notes for you kid!


Even Friedlander gets dem blues sometimes

lead belly’s last sessions, if you like folk music, this could be your bible

what would he call em.

I got these bushes comin outa my ears
and my good woman got a big ole rear
I got the blues I got the hassy swc blues

I drive all around but I see the same things
trees and sky scrapers and paupers and kings
I got the blues I got the MOMA retrospective blues…

help me unnner stand why a maria put up with a shootin man,he don’t treat her nice always hittin that canI got them blues I got them self portait blues

I went to the gov ment to help me pay my tri-x ship, the gov ment sent me packing with a fellowship I got tem blues I got them blues I got those arboretum blues

Then you hit the steel stringĀ  REAL hard, bring the guitar hole close to the mike, let it ring and then walk out son. Lead Belly taught me that!

Now I’m just gonna sit on this note and wait for you all to join along
I got the blues I got the ______ blues

ps wordpress is one of the worst places to compose a folk song! Does any one know how I can get an mp3 on this thing so you guys get the tune? Its Mistreatin Mama from Lead Belly’s Last sessions… don’t really matter but it would be a different rhyming scheme if you guys are thinking of irene goodnight