silver apples shine on Turners Falls Cobble Stone streets and some where a saint named ruby weeps


gotta do everything your damn self



this is a two man band from like 1968 built there own instruments in the brian eno or robert fripp tradition, made 2 amazing records from a space ship hovering above the seas of europa a moon of saturn and then were not heard again for 2 space decades, and John Kurtyka has never heard of them, silver apples, look them up kids


thats me lecturing in AS220 in Providence RI some time last week, you wouldn’t believe it but some people tell me I know nothing and I have nothing of importance to say, and the scary thing is those people run the world right now, and their tools are bars and pills


but Pheobe Cox is one of the good ones, buy her french fried potaters won’t you?


transmission over


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