Benny the Bucket Man’s Wife is Sick, can’t some one help?


Benny The Bucket Man plays r&b bucket on the streets of Amherst Massachussetts, he invited me to lunch at his motel room today, and I went

His Wife is sick and can’t leave the motel room, so Benny invites people over to keep her company, the man in the picture ‘works’ for Benny the Bucket man and is tending to Benny’s sick wife. They couldn’t get help from the proffesionals at Cooley Dickinson Hospital, so regular people have to help each other the only way they know how, and the proffesionals can all go hang themselves with ribbon fax paper from the rafters of Cooley Dickinson

They fed me tasty fried chicken and we sung “I found my thrill on blueberry hill” by fats domino, and all I could do was take pictures and cry

CAN”T YOU HELP JUST A LITTLE, copy and paste what you can to wherever you can and tell them its the Motel Behind the Dominoes on rt 9 in Hadley Mass, USA, please Benny is a good guy and his Wife……………………………. his bucket won’t play a lonesome word

SICK OF GOODBYES-After Robert Frank


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