a video I helped make about a different type of family

I have an old old friend named Vito Gesualdi, he taught me how to joke and how to learn to smoke. He loved video games, every name of every system tattoed on his brain. From Game and Watch to Sega Dreamcast to Virtual boy to Gensis CD… I wondered about him for a long time, wondered what he saw when he hit the buttons and watched jump man jump…

Then he asked me to help film this video about a Japanese Style Arcade, it was dark and strange in Arcade Infinty and I didn’t understand what I saw there. Then I came back to film the closing ceremonies (you see they were going out of business) and we interviewed dozens of men just like us, men who were lost and found not at the pound but at the base of a DDR machine, or Street Fighting cabinet. Listening to their stories was profoundly humbling to me. I don’t question Vito Gesualdi anymore, cause when some one shows you their scars and then their muscle you don’t put them down, you hug them close and say, I’m glad you finally got through that kill screen you were stuck in, now sit down, have a Sapporo and tell me all about it.


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