Questions and Answers and Compliments from the North Country: After Hornstein

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Hello Eddy,

My name is Johan, I’m from the Netherlands and I’m a beginner TLR user. First of all my compliments on you’re photo’s and inspiring work especially your photos called “Painter” and “Reading On Bench” . Seeing you photos and the video’s in which you talk passionate about the photographs you shoot gave me that extra push to buy a beautiful Yashica 635 from 1957.
I’ve unfortunately don’t have the space to develop my owen photo’s however, I doe wan’t to start scanning my own negatives. My question to you is do you scan your own negatives and if so, which scanner do you use.
Thanks in advance for your answer.
Kind Regards,
Johan Voeten
Howdy and congrats on the TLR, they are so great once your brain starts flipping the light left to right!
the great thing about medium format is that almost any scanner with a light source on top will work great, unlike 35mm even 600 dpi is more than enuff for web use when you have a 2 and 1/4 negative, at 1200 you can make decent 8×10’s! I use a cheapo epson 2450, got it new/old stock (never sold, new in box!) for $50 of the ebay. A epson 3800 will be better than that and probably run around $200, the best in home scanning is a v700 for like $500-700 bucks, I’ve made 16×20’s out of those and seen amazing 30×40’s off of 6×9 cm or 4×5 inch film. But don’t worry about that yet, just scan with whatever you have, one problem is computer drivers for older scanners and newer computers, the manufacturers don’t support alot of them anymore so you can either get an old mac or pc tower for pennies and just use that for scanning (I want to do that but haven’t had the time) or Vue Scan works pretty dang well, you are suppose to pay for it but……. you can find it free if you know where to look!
Do what you feel comfortable with but for b&w, developing yourself is half the fun dude! I rate (meter or just use my eyes and memory!) my tri-x at like iso 150 so I over expose about 1.5 stops (so if the meter says 125 at 22 I do about 125 at 11.5 or f16) and then pull (stop developing before the box time) about 1.5 minutes so instead of 10 minutes I do about 8.5-9 minutes and I get amazing shadow detail and it keeps the highlights in check! The negs are perfect for scanning or traditional darkroom printing, I only use tri-x or hp5 and I use them in all formats from 35mm up to 4×5 (and once 8×10!) and because I keep the film, iso and developer consistent I can throw almost any light or contrast situation at it and come away with something worth printing or scanning! I’m kind of dumb and hyper so its important to have atleast a few things constant. Hope this helps and thanks for the kind words!
Eddy Pula

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