Let Us Now Praise the Ethical Tomato Farmer

Riverland Farms, Sunderland Mass, Spring 2012

If you want to upchuck that BLT you just ate check out this absurd Kafkaesque interview with Terry Gross, the wages of sin aren’t death but pathetic cancer like tomatoes harvested by slave labor in the swamps of Florida. It made me so angry and confused, luckily my dad didn’t raise no fool, he grows his own and serves them sliced with a drizzle of olive oil, basil, salt and pepper! Thanks Dad! naw for real check this out and start telling your friends, even your enemies! http://www.npr.org/2011/06/28/137371975/how-industrial-farming-destroyed-the-tasty-tomato

or stay on my blog space and listen to it while looking at pretty pictures of pretty hard working Aggie chicks!


also check out this for more fine B&W farming pictures by yours cruelly! http://pvfsp.tumblr.com/


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