Couldn’t of Said it Better Myself

ATTN. This is from a Hard working Ukrainian Photographer, just shut up and read, then start yelling

well, i can’t sleep

I don’t believe in talent. You guys are telling me sometimes, and I am thankful, like crazy, but actually I don’t believe and don’t worship to this kind of things. All shit I made was created, not because of some abstract thing, but because of work, because of thoughts and ideas, copying other people, learning from them, learning from my mistakes, from my dreams and all books I’ve read, and movies I’ve watched. And this is never going to stop, well, while I am alive and while this is interesting to me. Your biggest enemy is talent. You should just dig all those words about how talented you are, and work.You can do whatever you want, just find the right way for yourself. And if you tell you have to do something, just do it, stop talking.
Other reason – people are scared of competition. You should just be happy for others, and if they’re doing something really nice, you should enjoy their works, because this is fucking karma.Your bad thoughts and bad words are coming back to you with power of thousand storms. So stop talking everybody, enjoy creating and work, finally, we are here not just for resting.

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