Daguerre and Fox Talbot fist fight in heaven (if heaven is Rhode Island)

Bird-Brittonie Fletcher

hello all, I’m trying to raise awarness of ALT PROCESS (only for the most selfish reasons, I’m worried I’ll be yammering on about Tri-x to my grandkids when they come to visit) and Brittonie Fletcher and Joe Seaward are doing a dialog (fancy name for twin lectures) about henry fox talbot and Loius Daguerre tri-x experiments… wait thats not right…. but what is right is what these two kids are doing, Brittonie is a special lady with special skills and I’m pretty sure Joe is a cyber robot dude, and between the two of them every type of photography is covered, theres a little something for everyone is what I’m trying to say, won’t you help me spread the good news? Details after Joe Sewards Photograph, Coats

Join us this Tuesday, June 5th, at 7:30pm for a JOINT lecture featuring photographers Brittonie Fletcher and Joe Seaward.

Using slides of their work as reference, Brittonie and Joe will create and open dialogue lecture. Following this, the audience will will be invited to engage in question and answer, directing the subsequent open conversation with the artists.

Brittonie and Joe will be discussing topics ranging from the difficulty of writing artist statements to themes of struggle and redemption evident in their personal work.

This lecture is free and open to the public!
Visit http://www.as220.org/darkroom/ for more information.

Joe Seaward: http://www.joeseaward.com/
Brittonie Fletcher: etherwaves.blogspot.com


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