{(UPDATED) NOW WITH ADDITIONAL CONTEXT} How to Document an Intellectual Disaster


++++++ ATTENTION REGULAR READERS (I’m pretty sure most of you are irregular so don’t worry about it) The following is my pitch to get local papers interested in the story, I keep sending them my local pictures with pithy attempts at copy but it hasn’t worked yet and they regularly run stories on dogs getting cool on hot days, so I figured International Film Juggernaut Werner Hurzog would illicit something… nope. Where am I going wrong?

Hello I am Eddy Pula a Photographer, I showed up early to hear Werner Herzog famed documentary and narrative and docunarraitve (SIC) hybrid filmmaker show a new cut of his Into The Abyss, a short series on execution practices in the USA, at Amherst College. I was kicked out along with every other film making student in the area because too many paying alums wanted to come, so I snuck in the back door and walked up and took this picture of Hurzog while he answered some questions. Amherst college tried their best to make it happen, they ran a live feed to another hall but there was technical glitches and parts of the documentary and lecture were cut. So I got it done guerrilla style and helped sneak in like 10 other journalism students. There were a lot of angry intellectuals and you know what that means, lots of letters to the editors! Feel free to run this or just pass it along.

PS I made a quick artists book out of cvs prints and gaff tape and tried to stuff it in Herzogs sports jacket, turns out the man is a bit of a dandy and they were fake pockets… Who knew?


Also Filmmaker Jeremiah Burbank was attempting to document my documentation and apparently this is what it looked like to him, I’m a weird dude I can tell yah that


2 thoughts on “{(UPDATED) NOW WITH ADDITIONAL CONTEXT} How to Document an Intellectual Disaster

  1. Hope you took a big-ass camera with you, and one with The World’s Noisiest Shutter. I hate being kicked out of places just because someone else is paying.

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