these seven seas won’t carry us no more

This isn’t a music blog… but come on man, Levon deserves this at least… When I was 17 I was stupid enough to think this song was about me, well it was a little, hopefully I’ll be able to fallow him down in 50 years…


2 thoughts on “these seven seas won’t carry us no more

  1. you know why the band is called THE BAND? They used to be the canadian juke box band, and old timer blues men would come to town and they would know all his songs and back THE MAN, didn’t matter who it was, Muddy, Big Joe, Little Walter, Howling everyone man… Bob Dylan was lucky to get into that motorcycle accident and have them live with him in the Big Pink… There are some things you can never thank some one for, so you gotta turn around and pay it forward… RIP Levon…

  2. hey all we are doing is keeping time with sticks and cameras and paint brushes… I gotta get down to my basement tapes… just bring a paper towel to soak up the tears and fix thats gonna flood the floor…

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