A Complimentary Life


Oh man.. There is only so much I can say (literally I lost my voice from talking all night like a amphetamine freak and smoking rolled cigarettes) but my work is really starting to come together, and people are starting to notice. I’m not just getting death threats any more, I’m getting the opposite, life compliments? I’m thinking about how my work is changing because the subjects are starting to see them and we are having a dialog, some times good sometimes bad. Its very interesting. Here’s an email I received from one mother

“You took some pictures of my kids the other day at Puffers Pond. I would be interested in seeing how they came out. Also I’d appreciate seeing any images before you use them on your blog/site.
I like your black and white work. – the photos of the people waiting for the parade are great.”

This is exactly what I wanted to happen with my ‘Threat Level Zero’ post. She totally understands and I feel great about it. Maybe this is what my procedure should be with kids shots, the only problem is that only 1 in a 100 people ever email me after I take their picture. Hmm, its something I can work on. On a side note the pictures of her kids are photographically rubbish (all my fault) and I have no intention of putting them on the internet. So it worked out great for her, they are pictures ‘only a mother could love’.


Picture by Sam Quinn

I was working my (and Jairs) ass off last weekend, after loading up on Friedlander’s big yellow book and 20 rolls of tri-x I stayed out all night Thursday taking pictures



On a technical note the slow speeds on the Mamiya camera I’m working with are VERY SLOW, that’s why I’m getting all these ‘spirit photographs’ but for these ones I kind of like it. We got up early on Friday to hang at the Otherside Cafe and because my hands are useless for anything but changing f-stops, Jair hung the show in record time.



After that I went to park street. Its been far too long since I’ve haunted downtown crossing, I used to prowl it a couple times a week and I get nostalgic. Oh man I’m getting old, but not this old.


I met a bunch of ‘The street photographers’ there, the same ones who were hunting preteen girls in packs with their fancy vaguely Aryan equipment. Click between the (((()))) to watch the video, I can’t make links work right DAMN YOU WORDPRESS


It was funny, I never was really part of their club, but I miss those guys… I’m glad some one is down there ‘harassing’ the people of Boston. I hope ‘King Leica’ sees his portrait, I think he would like it, its funny, I’ve photographed him before and he was always scowling. Maybe he was happy to see me.


The Otherside was great, good friends, decent nachos and great photography. I had to duck out too soon and drive back to western mass and SLEEP, but I’ll be back Other Side. I need to have a pretty girl notice that I’m the man from the picture and buy me a beer.

If you read ‘the world is wonderous’ you know I got permission to shoot in a bar called  Hugo’s, I almost didn’t go I was so tired, but I’m happy I did. Drunk people are great material and this leads me to another ethical quandary. Arbus shot developmentally disabled people acting like retards and made haunting work. Pula shot college kids after too many pabsts and made funny ass pictures. I don’t know if it all adds up. Take a look at this pair of pictures. (You really got to click on them to view the large)


The girl in the center changes from deranged to cutesy in 10 seconds flat, both are a honest depiction of events and neither of them is what she really looks like. I hope she would understand why the first one is the better photograph, its the look of shock on the blonde to the rights face to whatever conversation she and black hair are having that frames the seizure like expression of the center girl. I’ll have a long post about the interviews I’ve been doing with all sorts of portrait photographers about how they sleep at night, but for now lets all sit back and laugh at the drunken antics.




5 thoughts on “A Complimentary Life

  1. Hi Eddy,

    That’s a great shot of Bob! Why do you call him “King Leica”? I’ve known him for 2-3 years and have never seen him shoot with a Leica.

    I know a few of the Downtown Crossing gang from hanging out and chatting with them at Bromfield Camera, but I’m not a member either. I find it hard to photograph in groups, I need the solitude and anonymity of the street to do my best work.

    Do you live around Porter Sq? So do I. Hope to bump into you sometime.

    Keep up the awesome attitude and the pics will come. Whatever it is you’re doing with your Mamiya, it’s working.

    If you’re bored and want to see my photography, here’s my stuff:


    PS: You need to change the colour of your links to black (or any other colour than the current white) in WordPress’s settings panel. Just tell your sister to do it 🙂

  2. No shit sherlock, I can barely type some times, I have no idea where to find the link color thing, and I’m not the only one…. grr wordpress sucks some times. I call him King Leica cause he’s clearly one of the leaders of the pack, and when I was shooting down there he would never even smile at me, he was so intent with his rangefinder. By the way I’ve been thinking alot about how a tlr is kinda a mutant hybrid between a slr and rangefiner, the mamiya even has a moving parralax bar that it pretty accurate, some how and I couldn’t say it in words but not knowing exactly what is gonna show up on film frees you to find different compositions.
    Also I totally agree with you on the solitude, people would want to talk to me, and I’d just give them the thumbs up and a snappy one liner and be on my way. Its either that or I literally walk all over people, and they steal my shots! On the other hand talking to the dudes in bromfield, its so clear that its like a weird cross between AA and a extended family network. They all have the same problems/interests and they look out for one another. It almost brings a tear to my eye!

    • Hey Eddy, I never realised that was a whole genre of street photography! 🙂 I just like photographing kisses…and well…this time there was another girl there. Coincidence.

      Funny you picked up on that particular shot because that’s the one non-photographers always like the most, but photographers don’t care too much about. That probably says something about you, but I’ll let you figure out what (then let me know what it is).

      • hey man it don’t matter what other photogs think… I’m talking to alot of diff people, and they are buying pictures that I hate, well used to hate, $$ does make them look a little better… they are no longer useless doodles, they are out there making me a little money!

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