The World is a Wondrous Place (if you get permission)

So I had an awesome Tuesday. I have a friend of a friend who works at the Mead Art museum and owns a boa constrictor. My befuddled brain put two and two together and came up with an idea for a picture of her with her snake in front of an oil painting. First problem, the Mead doesn’t allow any photography, old Eddy would have let that stop him, but Tuesdays Eddy had some other tricks up his sleeve. I went into several galleries in the area and said “Hello, I got a strange question to ask you, would you mind if I brought in a snake and started to infringe on various copy-written art works?” The reactions ranged from laughing me out the door, to outright snake phobia. The head librarian at the Amherst Library (they have a gallery and a huge oil painting of our town founder Lord Jeff) hissed through a forced smile, that the snake in question would probably constrict and eat all the children who came in for story time.

I kept at it anyways, and the Michelson Gallery in Northampton (the same gallery who represents Leonard Nimoy, that’s right SPOCK) thought it over and decided that they’d let me do it next week for 40 bucks. Hell Yeah!

I went back to my truck to get some more film when I spotted this guy in front of Lucky’s tattoo shop. I took a couple pictures and I said “Thanks man, but what I really want to do is take a picture of somebody getting inked” to which he replied “Come on in, I’m in the middle of tattooing this dude right now” Fuck YEAH! I thought and with that win to my name I decided to double down.

I’ve been shooting portraits of drunk people smoking cigarettes outside bars for a while now, the next logical step is to get inside a bar, the drinkers natural habitat.

So I hit up a couple bars and after several no’s, David the owner of Hugo’s (also in Noho) said “Sure what the hell.” So I’m gonna shoot there this Saturday, come on down to get your portrait made, you can buy me a drink as payment.


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