These Kids Today

So I’ve been reading this blog called Karapture (sounds like crap aperture to me) and this guy writing it must be like 80 years old. All he does is complain about the kids on his lawn using their new fangled widgets, and taking funky pictures to share online on something called a facebook.

In all seriousness though, Sunday was a great day for pictures, I went down to the Holyoke St. Patrick’s parade. One problem I noticed with my pictures lately is I’ve been framing them all to wide. Head to toe pictures look great on the ground glass, but when I’m editing them later I’m yelling “The picture is there, just 5 feet closer” So I decided to get too close and let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes it doesn’t quite work

This one is almost there but a little too chaotic and soft. It was a blast to shoot though, I was right up in their grills telling them to “shoot more bubbles” and making the trigger finger at them because they didn’t know English that well.

Here we have a close but simple picture. I love how the girl isn’t ecstatic, just deeply satisfied with the way her Sunday is going. Taking her dad for a walk downtown, showing off all the plastic bling he bought her.

 I was arguing with Rosie about this last night, I said it was too pleasant to be art, she said “Not all your pictures have to be suicidal, douche-bag” Maybe the graffiti, the mothers interesting skull and giant hoop earring’s push this over the line into proper photography. What do you think? 

I wanted to take her picture cause I saw her using her bra as a cellphone holder, all her friends were laughing like crazy, but damn she knows how to work it. The kid on the lower right bothers me, but there was like half a million people at the parade so I cut myself some slack.

 I love how gooney the kid in the center is, he looks exactly like Martin Starr, who plays the gooney kid in Freaks and Geeks and Party Down (Best comedy EVER!)

I edited this post for strange and interesting reasons. I might tell you about it someday.


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