On Eating Alone, and My Good Friend Sam Quinn

 Where have I been? I’ve been feeling sorry for myself, taking long drives to nowhere and eating a lot of pizza alone. But I’ve had enough of that, pizza is meant to be shared with friends, and these pictures aren’t going to take themselves. To celebrate my return I will be attending this new thing called All Visual Boston, which is and I quote “a one-night only, digital slideshow projection of recent work created by local and international artists, curated by Trevor Powers. It includes photography, painting, drawing and video.” and best of all special guest artist Bill Burke. He’s best know for “I want to take Picture” which I never liked all that much, but one rainy day at Rodney’s in central, I had a chance encounter with a battered copy of “Bill Burke Portraits” which was a revelation. I was broke at the time, I should of stole it, but when I returned a few weeks later flush with cash it was gone. I was still kind of pissed off about it up until right now when I typed it into amazon and realized that I could get a used copy for less than 5 bucks. But anyway I’ll be there showing work with 30 something odd other artists and !Bill Burke! here’s the details.

This Saturday (March 10) at the Spectacle Gallery, 128 Brookside, Boston, Ma

8pm-10pm: slideshow + talk
10pm-12am: slideshow + tunes
$5 suggested donation

You know who’s the best photo book collector? My friend Sam Quinn, he’s a bit of a used book store/goodwill/dumpster hound and every time I visit him he’s just got something awesome for chump change. He’s also been a pretty fucking successful artist with a capital A recently. He’s been in 3 real gallery shows, and recently got signed to the Panopticon Gallery. Under new management Panopticon has been putting on some terrific shows. The “Kids are People too” show was easily the best photo show I’ve ever seen in Boston. I finally got to go to one of their openings last week, its a weird space, one long bending hallway that was packed with people. As part of my artistic recovery process I figured that all the photo kids there would be easy pickings, and so it was.

For a while now I’ve been walking up to people engaged in conversation, telling them to ignore me and attempt to make a great talking picture.


So far I’ve gotten mostly rubbish, while this isn’t brilliant or anything the way the guys face is lighting up really tells a story, a little nervous and excited and thinking to himself I should smile now to prove to this woman that I’m totally interested in what she has to say and maybe later she’ll touch my genitals. I don’t know if any of that is true, but that’s what the picture says, and because it does its the first successful picture of a conversation I’ve made.

I’ll be back, and sooner rather than later, probably to talk about bullshit I hate, or maybe how Bill Burke spotted my brilliance and ushered me into the B&W people picture upper echelons where rolls of Tri X grow on trees and type 55 is supplied free by the case by a newly resurrected Polaroid. One can dream


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