I haven’t  been able to take any new awesome pictures, or write any awesome blog posts about said pictures because I’ve been feverishly working on prints/frames/totally cool secret stuff for the Bad Dudes production show featuring me and Samuel Quinn this Saturday at the Lily Pad in Inman Square.

Also you can watch this video the Bad Dudes made about me, I’ve never seen footage of me shooting on the street before, is that really how I go out and approach people? Its amazing any one lets me take their picture at all.

To quote Bad Dude Steve Brunolli

“Boston-area photographers Samuel Quinn and Eddy Pula.

Where? The Lilypad!
1353 Cambridge Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

Why? Cos its free and there will be beer. Also free.

When? 2pm to 6pm on Saturday October 1st.

What should you bring? Your friends. And a pocket full of cash to buy some heavy hitting art from some very talented gentlemen.

How should you…? No more questions! Get your good-looking face down to the lilypad and get geared up for a hip happening. What else you gonna do with your Saturday afternoon?”


2 thoughts on “A SHOW IN CAMBRIDGE

  1. What a great video. I like your work so much, it’s great to see you in person (sort of), talking about how you make your photographs. Keep up the great work. I wish I could have seen the show at Lily Pads.

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