Darkroom and other troubles

A couple years ago I put together a darkroom in the basement of my parents house, I can develop, enlarge and now scan my b&w film down there, and its the best thing since sliced bread as far as I’m concerned. I have heard from other artists that it is important to have a space just for your art making. Not just a place to work but a place to be secluded and think about said work. I love mine, I’ve been spending like 6 hours a day down here (I’m in it right now!) and I’ve started calling it my isolation chamber. I can work on my photography, write amazing blog posts, or just get away from everybody and plot my revenge.

However, much like myself, my darkroom is disgusting. It floods, both from the rain, and my leaky sink, and mold is growing on the walls. I was gone for about 8 months and when I came back I discovered that mice had taken up residence in my boxes of darkroom equipment, I found food stored for a rainy day and a lot of little rodent shits. Now I’m not a bad guy, I’ve personally saved several lady bugs from drowning, but all I can think of is fucking mickey mouse crawling over my negatives and pooping on all my masterpieces, that I was saving, Vivian Maier style, for future generations to appreciate. So I set out some poison, and now I’m finding dead mice in the strangest places.

Now, my house is infested with giant black flies., there are like 15 in my darkroom right now, and one crawling up my leg as I speak. Yesterday I saw one land on my drying film, luckily there is no fly foot prints on the emulsion. I bought one of those novelty “Texas flyswatters” and while trying to kill them (And getting a few) I broke one of my glass chemical bottles full of fixer, a thermometer, and damaged my home built print drying racks.

In other, less nasty news, I’ve been working on my Spring Fever edit, something I’ve never been terribly good at. I don’t like to look back and nothing makes me happier then the smell of fixer on my clothes and a new batch of negs drying (Hopefully fly free) but every once in a while I have to try and take this photographic stream of consciousness and put a beginning and end on it with hopefully some meaning snuck into the middle. The best way I’ve found is to print out a bunch of tiny prints and play with them, ideally with a friend. Last summer my friend Brittonie spent a couple hours in the back of my pickup truck with me organizing what became my Pursuit of Happiness portfolio, and after that Matt Duckett helped me make sense of my Mississippi pictures. Its challenging and fun, with little prints you can lay them all out across a table and see how they relate together as a whole, or flip through them like you might a book or web gallery, one at a time and see how they play off each other sequentially. I’m hoping to have a solid edit for Eddypula.com done soon, and after that… well I’ll be rich and famous and able to hire an exterminator for my isolation chamber/darkroom.

And now some new pictures I took instead of organizing the pile up there


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