Spring Fever

Since I left massart my photography has seen ebbs and flows. Right after leaving I photographed constantly all summer, went to Mississippi with Jenna Mac for 6 weeks, shooting 700 sheets of 4×5 there alone.  After a month spent in the darkroom developing all the negatives I felt like a failure because I didn’t have the greatest photographs ever made. I was so depressed I didn’t take a picture for 6 months. Spring came and I bought a digital point and shoot and started photographing everyday again. As the summer came to a close I again got discouraged after a very strange shoot at a psychiatrists/sculptors home and again didn’t seriously try and shoot up until this April. With digital cameras all I have to do is look at my file dates or my flickr site to see my inspiration come and go and the fallow periods are stark in their absence.
A friend of mine, Dan the DJ, gave me a beat up rolleicord with a stuck shutter a while ago, and in April my friend Jair and me took the sucker apart and doused the stuck shutter with lighter fluid, and voila, diy cla and I got a great tlr for free. I’ve been shooting with my ugly rollei like crazy, I’ve probably ran close to 100 rolls through it in 2 months, and I’ve been taking the best photographs of my life.
I feel that the urge to make photographs siezes me in the springtime. Especially in New England when by Febuary I think at least 50% of the population is clinically depressed, stuck indoors, or getting soaking wet trying to brave the slippery streets. So when the white death finally melts away and everything comes back to life people freak out, that first warm day, even though its only 54 degrees out, every ones out in shorts and a t-shirt trying to get reacquainted with the outdoors, and its the BEST time to photograph people. Yesterday was the first day of summer and I’m hoping my photographic zeal can hold out till fall, but I’ve been thinking of making these spring pictures into their own portfolio. Several teachers at MassArt told me that all my portraits were self portraits, and for a while I thought that was artsy bullshit, but now I look back and I see my own happiness and manic drive to create in all these springtime pictures.

girl in AK's, roxbury crossing

girls laughing at me

airforce cadet outside of his damaged home in monson mass

couple reading on the boston common

museum of natural history employee on her first day

sun ravished

randy newman looking motherfucker

laughter is the best hangover cure

The last day of spring at Puffers Pond


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