People and Dogs Get Along

Hello and Welcome to Karapture. I intend for this blog to showcase both my new work and older pictures I may have overlooked. I want to highlight recurring themes in my photography and try to make sense of the messy pile of negatives and jpegs I have been compulsively creating for the last five years. For the momentous first post the theme is
People and Dogs get along.
Why do I take pictures of people and their dogs?
1. Dogs are silly and cute
2. People always let you take a picture of them and their beloved Pet
3. Its a good ice breaker both for me and the subject, people can be weirded out by having some guy out of the blue ask to take their picture, if on the other hand I walk up and say “Can I take a picture of you and your awesome dog?” Not only will they let you take their picture but everybody around you notices, sometimes crowding around me, and will be more willing to let me take their picture even if they’re dogless. Photographing strangers is all about confidence, so if I get the ball rolling with some dopey dog pictures so be it.
I’ve noticed that photography books in big box stores (or even used book store art sections) break down into the following. Pictures of Celebrities (Ideally Marilyn Monroe), ‘Fine Art Nudes’ (Softcore Porn), National Geographic pictures you’ve seen a million times, and cutesy bullshit. Cutesy bullshit being baby pictures, dogs and cats. William Wegman (A fellow MassArt alum) always has a couple books in every photo section, and I think he should have his artist license revoked. This guy has been riding the same one trick pony for 30 fucking years and is both a celebrated fine artist and a guy who cranks out bullshit calenders and hallmark cards every year.
On the other hand I found in a big box clearance section a terrific book by Elliot Erwitt, ‘Dog Dogs’ put out as a special ‘Barnes and Noble’ edition. It has close to 1000 dog pictures taken all over the world over the last 60 years by Erwitt, I imagine while he was on more important Magnum assignments. The pictures are funny and touching, their not just cutesy dog pictures but pictures that show dogs as both a part of the ‘family’ and as bewildered on lookers in an absurd human world. I look through it all the time and I am always finding witty observations I overlooked before. You can find it used on Amazon for less than $5.
So anyways without further adieu, here’s some silly dog pictures.

This woman was a State Trooper, after her husband died suddenly she quit and opened a dog salon, she say's she's much happier now

This was the first dog picture I started to take a little more seriously. They just look so in love

I like this picture because both the dog and boyfriend look like evil pieces of shit

The Chihuahua's of Castle Island

Rosie and somebody elses dog

Bummed out dog in the Boston Commons

Tied up in Downtown LA

Frenchman trying to give his thirsty bulldog water from a special dog waterbottle, it didn't work

Right after I took this picture the Pitbull knocked me over and slobbered all over my lens

I say this alot but this is probably my most favorite picture ever


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